• November 10, 2011

Heart’s Home is Launching

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 A blog engaging the world with compassion,
one hopeful encounter at a time. 

Less analysis; more encounters.
LoC will offer a real presence of compassion by highlighting real encounters with real people who bring beauty and inspiration to our world.
Less despair; more hope.
Through the lens of compassion, LoC will offer a new glance on the world, sharing news and culture, fleshed out with positive insights and hope-giving reflections.

New arti­cles posted each Friday: fresh encoun­ters and reflec­tions on news and cul­ture.

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"At the starting point of our articles,
there will hardly be any great ideas,
but experiences, testimonials, meetings…
This blog is inspired by the charism of Heart’s Home…
It will be down-to-earth, upright, and hope-giving…
a blog that shows love…"
Come join a growing movement of compassion!

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