• December 6, 2011

Our President Wraps Up 2011

Dear friends,

A couple of weeks ago, we cel­e­brated Thanksgiving at our center in Brooklyn, NY. To cel­e­brate with us, we invited some friends whom we knew had no other family. The first friend we invited imme­di­ately answered : “I was hoping you would invite me, because I am alone and had nothing to cel­e­brate!” In our beau­ti­fully dressed-up base­ment room, we ended up being more than 40: friends from the shelter, from the housing pro­jects, from Manhattan... friends from Lebanon, Haiti, the Philippines, Egypt, Honduras, Peru, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, France... and America! Sharing the tra­di­tional - and deli­cious - dinner, we prayed and ate, we sang and played together. Everyone had his fill of joy and com­mu­nion. And when the time came for people to stand up and offer thanks, many shared how much our friend­ship had changed their lives.

There is much to thanks about, indeed! The United States is now one of the fastest growing regions for Heart’s Home! Just this year, a group of four young adults launched a new Heart’s Home in Spokane, WA, on the campus of Gonzaga University. There, they strive to live and spread a “cul­ture of com­pas­sion” among their fellow stu­dents and workers. Furthermore, I am delighted to announce to you that in 2012, we are to open a new Heart’s Home in Manhattan - a place where lone­li­ness and despair strike us more and more every day. Finally, we just launched a new blog, that I invite you to visit, a blog that pro­motes a com­pas­sionate look on the world, a blog that Heart’s Home founder Fr. de Roucy describes as “down-to-earth, upright, and hope-giving.” www.land­of­com­pas­sion.com.

As Christmas brings us the good news of God made one of us, we are eager to make this become real to others, and to bring His pres­ence of com­fort and love to those who long for it.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and I thank you all for your gen­erosity!
May God grant you a beau­tiful year 2012 and bless you!

With my best wishes and all my grat­i­tude,

Laetitia Palluat de Besset
President, Heart’s Home USA

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