• April 24, 2018

Worthy of Love

by Sofia P., on mis­sion in Senegal

     If there is any­thing that I have expe­ri­enced during my first year here, it is the vast­ness of the Heart’s Home family. Let me tell you about T. who was born phys­i­cally hand­i­capped and, because of this, was not deemed worthy to be sent to school like his brothers and sis­ters. When his mother passed away, his father gave him up, forcing him to live on the street. This is where T. met a group of Heart’s Home vol­un­teers. Moved by com­pas­sion at the sight of T., they brought him to live at Heart’s Home for sev­eral months until they were able to find a place for him to stay and were able to sign him up at Talibou Dabo, Grand Yoff’s school for hand­i­capped chil­dren. T. told me that it is during this time at Heart’s Home, that he was able to accept for the first time that he was worthy of love, having been made to believe the oppo­site for his whole life up to that point. Today, the T. I know is in his late thir­ties. Not only did he finish school but he went on to the uni­ver­sity, obtaining the highest aca­demic degrees out of all his sib­lings. Now he runs a school for hand­i­capped chil­dren where he makes sure that every child knows that they have dig­nity and poten­tial.

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