• June 26, 2015

Why I joined the Frat Max

by Peter S.

“When I first met Heart’s Home in November 2010 I was skep­tical about what to expect. They seemed like a good group from the web­site but one should never believe every­thing he/she reads online. In any case, I took the chance, went to New York, and met the people who would become my spir­i­tual family. I remember very clearly the first time I went out on visits with Heart’s Home over the “Come and See Weekend.” I was with Fr. Paul, who is one of the best priests I know, and we went to someone’s house in Brooklyn. When we knocked, the door was opened to a wife at home with her chil­dren. We were wel­comed in and offered some­thing to drink. I could not believe that such hos­pi­tality existed between a woman, her family, and a total stranger such as myself. The love I felt from that expe­ri­ence of wel­come touches me even to this day. When we came back to the house that day, I knew that this was the group I was longing for.

When I returned from the mis­sion I was not imme­di­ately inter­ested in joining the Frat Max. I wanted to give myself some time to digest all that had taken place in Argentina and how this would be inte­grated into my life. All the while I con­tinued to visit with the Heart’s Home com­mu­nity in New York. These were the only people who could make sense of how God had touched my life during the mis­sion. I have grown close to the people in that com­mu­nity but on a deeper level, closer to God through the charism of com­pas­sion in a way that is unique to Heart’s Home. The expe­ri­ences I had in the mis­sion have touched me so deeply that I am now forever changed. To rec­og­nize that seal of belonging to Heart’s Home in a more public and offi­cial way, I decided to join the Frat Max. As a new member I feel that I have found a spir­i­tual family and a spir­i­tual home. This is what God has given me as a charis­matic call, this is how my life can come closer to reflect the love of the Most Holy Trinity. In Argentina people would always ask us “Vos sos Puntos Corazon?” Literally this trans­lates to, “Are you Heart’s Home?” This always sounded strange to me because I thought of myself as a member of Heart’s Home, but this did not mean that I was Heart’s Home. Now, how­ever, I can say with con­fi­dence, “Si, yo soy Puntos Corazon” (Yes, I am Heart’s Home).”

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