• September 18, 2012

What the Pilgrimage meant to me ...

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Rachel O. – Saint Maximilian Kolbe Fraternity Member "For me, each year’s Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Compassion casts new light on some aspect of the charism of Heart’s Home. I had been used to thinking of Mary at the foot of the cross as the model of Heart’s Home’s charism, but Fr. Thierry’s homily during the mass that opened the day of pil­grimage gave me a new insight: as sharers in this charism: we not only look toward Mary as model, but also to Jesus as he looks at Mary. Between those two posi­tions, that of Jesus on the cross looking at Mary and that of Mary at the foot of the cross looking at Jesus, we shift per­pet­u­ally. I was reminded that what makes each of these posi­tions bear­able, on the human level, is that nei­ther Jesus nor Mary was alone: they accom­pa­nied one another to the end and there is human con­so­la­tion, even in that. Having been at a parent’s deathbed, I rec­og­nize how much love and com­fort the simple pres­ence of another can bring, both to the suf­ferer and to the one who watches. Somehow this insight helps me to see the suf­fering Christ in a less depressing, and more fruitful way. To be on pil­grimage with Heart’s Home is to taste this redemp­tive fruit: from all back­grounds we prayed, sang, ate, recited the rosary, laughed, and talked together. The beau­tiful con­cert and dancing were another shared gift: thank you for the oppor­tu­nity to share in this day.

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