• September 18, 2012

What the Pilgrimage meant to me ...

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Maguelonne and Pierre-Alois K.– A Family of friends from Manhattan

"This day was a real source of beauty: the hills with their won­derful view over the Hudson valley, the beau­tiful wooden houses built by Heart’s Home mem­bers and young vol­un­teers, the mag­nif­i­cent works of art in the house, and the graceful tal­ents of the two vol­un­teers Renee and Marian. Our son, Theophile, was daz­zled by their smooth and har­mo­nious move­ments! They were a touching tes­ti­mony of the beauty of our Lord’s cre­ation.

The friend­ship of the Heart’s Home mem­bers is very dear to us; and each one of them is always full of loving atten­tion towards us, espe­cially towards our chil­dren. Also the friend­ship among all the fam­i­lies and friends that we meet reg­u­larly, thanks to Heart’s Home, is touching: all of them are radiant and wel­coming, far beyond all dif­fer­ences of back­grounds.

This day of retreat at the ICCC is a kind of home­coming for us: it enables us to rest, away from our spin­ning urban life, and to become aware of the things that really matter for us as this year begins.

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