• September 18, 2012

What the Pilgrimage meant to me ...

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Cheryl M.– Saint Maximilian Kolbe Fraternity Member

"The day of our pil­grimage to the Blessed Mother was mirac­u­lous, mean­ingful and oh, so mem­o­rable. Standing in front of her shrine preparing to sing Schubert’s “Ave Maria” during mass, , I felt her pres­ence entering me from behind. My heart burst open and I felt my voice soar and fill the space in front of me. I looked out across the field, over the trees and into the moun­tains of the Catskills and envi­sioned the Holy Grace of Mary out­pouring onto the earth below. Honored to sing again in the after­noon pro­gram, Our Blessed Mother’s pres­ence con­tinued to be felt by all. I expe­ri­enced wave after wave of goose bumps and under­stood the lyrics of my songs; “No one is alone” and “Somewhere” at new, much deeper level. As I have per­formed these same songs this week, I am taken back again and again to last Sunday and the grace from our pil­grimage is still most tan­gibly pre­sent.

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