• June 13, 2013

What have we achieved this year at Gonzaga?

By Jordan Loe

I don’t exactly know what I expected when I first came to Heart’s Home St. Ignatius in Spokane, Washington, but I do know what I found…family. The women that I got to live with this year opened their arms to those who were lonely and mis­er­able on our col­lege campus, often giving up valu­able hours of their day to cook, clean, pray, or simply listen. Amy inspired me with her beau­tiful faith and sweet, caring nature. Mackenzie amazed me with her vibrant per­son­ality. Hannah showed me just how much a person can accom­plish for others if she puts her mind to it. Kaeli warmed my heart with her open­ness and her love for others.

Our min­istry at Heart’s Home St. Ignatius is truly just a day-to-day battle against lone­li­ness. College stu­dents move away from their homes. They find classes, pro­fes­sors, friends, and other new expe­ri­ences, but they do not have a family. They do not have a true home. A Heart’s Home on campus has pro­vided Gonzaga stu­dents with a home that they can come to when they need friends, people to care about them, laugh with them, cry with them, and listen to them talk about their dis­cour­age­ments and achieve­ments.

Being a part of Heart’s Home also meant accepting the love and ser­vice of others. Our friend Kristyn joined in our min­istry and became an invalu­able source of sup­port for us. Our friend Joseph washed dishes for us and often attended our prayer ses­sions. Our friends at L’Arche (a com­mu­nity for dis­abled adults in our neigh­bor­hood) accepted us into their home and show­ered us with affec­tionate atten­tion. Our friend Kyle brought us food, lent us a tele­vi­sion set, and made us a lovely meal. They all taught us to receive love as well as give it. They became our family in more ways than one.

It is hard, some­times, to survey every­thing and say how much it has been accom­plished. “What have we actu­ally done to help others this year?” What makes the mis­sion of Heart’s Home dif­fi­cult to grasp is also what makes it unique and beau­tiful. We focus on what cannot be counted or held or com­pared. You could prob­ably break our year up into little bits and incre­ments…par­ties, brunches, din­ners, Masses, prayer ses­sions…but when you really stand back and look at what our Lord has done through Heart’s Home, St. Ignatius, you see that His most impor­tant accom­plish­ment was building a family. That is what Heart’s Home is really about.

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