• January 6, 2012

What do I commit to?

The mem­bers of the Fraternity St Maximilian Kolbe commit to:

  • Pray the rosary daily; the first decade can be offered for all Heart’s Home members around the world.
  • Support financially Heart’s Home on a monthly basis according to their ability.
  • Participate in a yearly retreat organized by Heart’s Home.
  • Put your gift at Heart’s Home disposal and be creative in the many ways you can help spread a culture of compassion (see To Go Further)

Each member com­mits for three years that can be renewed.
The com­mit­ment is made during mass, with the liturgy as fol­lows:

Celebrant: You have been con­se­crated and sanc­ti­fied by bap­tism. Do you want to answer a more specific call by choosing to follow Christ through Heart’s Home, on a path of aban­don­ment and low­li­ness?

Fraternity Member: Yes, I do.

Celebrant: You have already lived one year (or two years) in a Heart’s Home [or, you col­lab­o­rate closely to the mis­sion of Heart’s Home.] In doing so, your heart burned, like the dis­ci­ples of Emmaus as they were walking with the Lord. Are you now ready to live in your daily life what you have learned from our friends?

Fraternity Member: Yes, I am.

Celebrant: : Heart’s Home is now a family for you. Its mem­bers are your brothers and sis­ters, its friends are your friends. Do you want to acknowl­edge this belonging today by making a com­mit­ment to the Fraternity of Saint Maximilian Kolbe for three years?

Fraternity Member: Yes, I do.

Celebrant: Please express your desire in front of the Church gath­ered here today.

Fraternity Member: Today, more than ever, I, (name), want to give wit­ness of my love for Christ and incar­nate it by com­mit­ting to the Fraternity of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, within Heart’s Home. I want to col­lab­o­rate with its mis­sion, according to the pos­si­bil­i­ties offered by my life status and in agree­ment with the one in charge of the Fraternity, through the gift of my prayer, my love, my time, my strengths and my belong­ings. To be faithful to this call, I implore the sup­port of Our Lady of Compassion and the prayer of Father Maximilian Kolbe, martyr of charity.

Celebrant: May God com­plete in you what He started.

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