• August 12, 2010

Renée, volunteer in India - “Welcoming the Children”

Renne K. has been in the Heart’s Home Jules-Monchanin since September 2009 for a 18-month mis­sion. Here is an excerpt from her last sponsor letter.

“Two year old Stinather and his five year old brother Arish were the first to start reg­u­larly bouncing into our house… and are often there to wel­come us home! These two little brothers live in the house just in front of ours. Shortly before we move in, their father left and their mother com­mitted sui­cide. Fortunately, they have loving aunts that are raising them and who of course don’t mind that they spend a lot of their time playing in the Akka Auntie house. They have learned how to knock before entering, to ask for toys and most of the time to listen to our request to clean up… to bow to the taber­nacle when they enter the chapel, sit­ting like us with little books in their sweet hands. They have joined us for ado­ra­tion, entreating Jesus with gig­gles and little dances, and some nights for evening prayer, fol­lowing the melody of the psalms with their syl­lable voices.

The past sev­eral week­ends the house has been full with neigh­bor­hood kids. When we meet the chil­dren on the street, we always remind them that our house is open at 4 pm to play… but one after­noon a big group showed up just in time for our 3 o’clock rosary. So, I handed out the mys­teries in Tamil and they joined our prayer. Another evening I came home to the sound of chil­dren singing. Agnes and Marguerite where rehearsing a bhajan, Indian hymn, with them for the evening prayer! They have adorned our walls with art­work and soon their painted flower pots with be seeded and hung on our window. It brings us such joy to have the pres­ence of the chil­dren with us after six months in our new house.”


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