• May 28, 2014

Welcome to the school of Mary

by Jessica Krueger - Alumnus Thailand 2008-2010

“Recently I went on a retreat where one of the speakers spoke about hearing Jesus in our lives. She said that if we wanted to know Jesus, if we wanted to do the work of Jesus then we must hear Jesus. Then she said some­thing that par­tic­u­lary struck me, she said that in order to hear Jesus we must return to the “school of Mary.” We must be open to and willing to say “yes” to what it is Christ calls us to do no matter our voca­tion. Just as Mary said in the moment she was called to be the mother of God. She gave her Fiat, her yes, and allowed God to work through her so that the world may know God’s immea­sur­able love and mercy for us.

I am learning that this is exactly what I am called to everyday as a wife and mother of two beau­tiful little girls. Every morning I am called to say yes when my 2 year old wakes up early and I must get up to feed her. I am called to say yes when my 6 week old needs a diaper change. I am called to say yes when I feel over­whelmed but need to put supper on the table. I am called to say yes when they laugh, when they cry, and when they yell. I am their mother, their very first teacher of the faith. I am called everyday to help them to become saints. This “yes” to moth­er­hood is pro­foundly beau­tiful and has helped me to hear Jesus in my daily life more fully. Through moth­er­hood I have been able to con­tinue being a mis­sionary with Heart Home. I am living the mis­sion of pres­ence and love as I tend to my chil­dren in their everyday needs.”

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