• October 24, 2008

Welcome Paul, Nicolas and Floriane

Since August three new mem­bers have joined Heart’s Home in Brooklyn:

Paul has been a member of Heart’s Home for 10 years. His first mis­sion was in Brazil, then he began his studies as a sem­i­narian. He first spent 3 years in Paris studying phi­los­ophy, and then three more years in Rome studying the­ology. Paul’s mis­sion here in NY is to spread Heart’s Home charism among stu­dents and among the artists of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Nicolas has been in Heart’s Home for 14 years, and he’s a lay member of the Molokai Fraternity. He was a mis­sionary in Senegal, Brazil, and France. He is in charge of Heart’s Home´s pub­li­ca­tions and web­site.

Floriane comes to us from France, where she was a social worker. She already did a first mis­sion with Heart’s Home in Brazil. Her mis­sion is mainly among the poor in our neigh­bor­hood.

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