• July 7, 2018

Welcome Maria Thanh in Brooklyn!

by Maria Thanh, on mis­sion in the US

     My name is Maria Thanh. I come from a small vil­lage located close by Hô Chi Minh City. I first vol­un­teered with Heart’s Home seven years ago and was on mis­sion in my own country, then I went to the Philippines. Now I have been on mis­sion in Brooklyn for 2 months, and I am very happy. The two aspects of Heart’s Home I like most are the prayer life and the friend­ship. These are the two things that give me hope and help me to go on in my life. Friendship is also very impor­tant for Jesus (Jn 15.15). I dis­cov­ered that life without Jesus is not easy to live. I pray for you and I entrust myself to your prayers.

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