• May 5, 2010

Volunteers’ departures & comebacks 2010

The spring brought some good news to Heart’s Home USA, and espe­cially some new vol­un­teers (see where they come from) ! At least five vol­un­teers will embark next Summer on a Heart’s Home mis­sion !

The departures

The next vol­un­teer to leave for a mis­sion will be Katie K. She had her sending-forth mass in Chicago on April 25, and will leave at the end of May 2010 for a 18-month mis­sion in Thailand. We are also very glad to wel­come Charlotte, Katie I., Grayson and Julian next June for their ori­en­ta­tion pro­gram. And more are to come !

The new mis­sion­aries will join Renée, Leeanne, Tim and many others and be part of the big Heart’s Home vol­un­teer team!

2010 returns - (Update May 2010)

Last March Jessica ended her 18-month mis­sion in Bangkok, Thailand. Michelle also just came back from her mis­sion in Peru. She has shared very heart-lifting extracts of her mis­sion in her last sponsor letter. We will wel­come soon in Brooklyn some former vol­un­teers for an Alumni weekend.

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