• March 25, 2014

Veronica R. - Peru, 2014-2015

As I look back on my life up to this point, from my child­hood in Sterling Heights, MI to the last four years which I have spent earning a degree in math at the University of Dallas, it amazes me how God has been preparing me all along for my mis­sion with Heart’s Home. The three pil­lars of prayer, com­mu­nity and com­pas­sion have been impor­tant to me since long before I even knew that Heart’s Home existed, making it just a little easier to follow after Christ to Lima, Peru.

I come from a strong Catholic family of 6 kids, and was home schooled by my mom from kinder­garten through high school. I know that my love of both the Catholic faith and com­mu­nity life stems from the home which my par­ents gave to me and my sib­lings. The close­ness within our family is so impor­tant to me, and is only pos­sible because of the great example of faith dis­played by my par­ents. Because of my love for my family, I’m still sur­prised at myself that I decided to attend a col­lege that was 1000 miles away in a state that is so dif­ferent from Michigan! That how­ever, was all part of God’s plan, as attending such a good Catholic school has deep­ened my prayer life, allowed me to meet and be inspired by some incred­ible young Catholics, and to study abroad in Rome for a semester. All of these have helped me to see that rather than begin­ning to apply my math skills to a number-crunching job right after grad­u­a­tion, I desire instead to respond to Christ’s call to help spread a cul­ture of com­pas­sion.

I could not be more blessed or happy with the mis­sion He has given me to live among the Peruvians starting this September and there to be a wit­ness to His pres­ence. I cannot wait to dis­cover how my life will be touched by His poor, and how He will use me to touch theirs in turn. However, I cannot take this next step without your prayers and sup­port, and so I invite you to join with me and to prayer­fully con­sider how you might also follow Christ’s call and be filled with the love, joy and peace which only He can give!

“It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.”
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

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