• November 20, 2013

Chile: Much more than fixing a house

Our friend Don Pio

"And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His pur­pose." (Rm 8:28)
This is what Benoit Ch. -Heart’s Home vol­un­teer in Valparaiso, Chile - expe­ri­enced this month:

Having to deal with house repairs is never an easy task; espe­cially when this means having to ded­i­cate some of the time I usu­ally spend vis­iting friends to mon­i­toring the works. Very soon, though, I real­ized how much this “sac­ri­fice” could redound in so much good for us.

In the first place, it made me realize how much I depended on the others, how much I needed to count on my com­mu­nity mem­bers’ advices and sug­ges­tions. It really served me to stop thinking about just myself and lis­tening to my own wishes and desires and to start heeding instead to what was good for my whole com­mu­nity and friends.

Secondly, it trig­gered the gift of our­selves even more: the time we usu­ally ded­i­cated to lunch in com­mu­nity and rest, would now be required to be with Cristian, our plumber and mason. No “per­sonal” time any­more. However, and most impor­tantly, this man (Cristian) whom I only knew very little before, and with whom we were now spending lots of time, became a really dear friend. We gained a new faithful and trustful friend who comes now every often just to make sure we are doing well or to stop and pray with us.

Two other friends amazed us during the time in which these works lasted: don Pio and Luis. Both of them love us in a very down-to-earth way: Don Pio feels per­son­ally respon­sible for us mis­sion­aries and devotes him­self to helping us as much as he can. And Luis gave us a strong hand without asking any­thing in return!

During the dinner in which we cel­e­brated together the end of the works, it struck me that this is the deep meaning of our mis­sion: these very simple moments of true joy and gra­tu­itous friend­ship.

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