• May 23, 2017

Uruguay: More time with Him!

by Kelsey B, on mis­sion in Uruguay

I would like to ask your prayers for our dear friend A. She is a very holy woman who always leads me closer to Christ. She was one of our first friends and helped intro­duce us to the neigh­bor­hood. Of all of the many fam­i­lies in the Costanera and “40 sem­anas”, the two most com­pli­cated pockets of our neigh­bor­hood, she is the only one who goes to Mass reg­u­larly.

She is a firm pres­ence of Christ in a place of misery. Although she has a large family, she is very lonely and savors our pres­ence and our visits that are very dif­ferent for her than those of her family. She not only reveals Christ to me in her love and gentle­ness, but also helps me dis­cover the Presence of Christ in me. What a gift!

She is now quite sick with cancer. She trusts infinitely in God and even when she is in bed with pain she tells me that “it is an oppor­tu­nity to spend more time with Him,” some­thing “to offer for all of those souls who don’t know Him.” It brings us much hope to see such a holy woman nearing her eternal rest and joy with her beloved, yet it is hard to see our dear friend suffer and to think of losing her. And, despite her strong faith, she is scared. Please pray for our dear friend who prays so much for us all.

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