• January 27, 2015

Unplanned encounters
that change hearts

Catherine at the Heart’s Home Chapel

by Catherine M., vol­un­teer in Spokane, WA

“Often it is easy for us to focus so much on the hol­iday par­ties, brunch and coffee dates we share with our friends. However, some of our most mean­ingful encoun­ters are often unplanned. A friend, who I have known for about a year and a half, decided to divorce her hus­band this past summer. She is one of the most gor­geous women I have ever seen and being con­fi­dent as well as gre­gar­ious, she quickly becomes friends with everyone she meets.

In the fall she was explaining how she felt being recently divorced. She described it as wanting to cry all the time and like she could never be alone. I told her it sounded like a some­thing spir­i­tual and I was so shocked when she agreed. In our year of being friends and sit­ting next to each other everyday she has never liked to talk about God or any­thing related.

Following that, I added her to our prayer inten­tions. A few weeks ago she told me that she finally went to church because she felt like so many people are praying for her and she can’t deny it any­more since signs seem to be all around her. A couple weeks past and today she told me that she went to church again with a group of her coworkers. She described the solace she felt when she went and began to talk about God with me. She also came to the real­iza­tion that she was too selfish in her mar­riage and that in her words she “has a heart for single moms” and so she signed up for vol­un­teering at a place that serves meals close by. I spent the whole day after praising God for her new joy. God had made Himself known, all the while unbe­knownst to me and without me making a spe­cial effort. Just by being pre­sent and showing God’s love in little things our friend’s heart was changed.”

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