• January 27, 2017

Unexpected help

Mara Wickett, Ecuador

My favorite moment of the entire day was a very simple one with one of the boys, Pablito, the qui­etest of the (very) rowdy bunch. As we trekked around the park to find a suit­able home base, I stretched out my hand, offering to carry the bag he was holding. Without missing a beat, Pablito instead eagerly reached out his hand and took mine, and we walked on qui­etly, hand in hand. It was such a simple moment, but it touched me pro­foundly. It was a lesson to me in the sim­plicity of love. How easy it can be to make someone feel loved and how often I fail to make those small ges­tures – an out­stretched hand, an encour­aging word, a lis­tening ear. I wonder how many small ges­tures of love Christ made to those He encoun­tered – we know of His mir­a­cles and teach­ings – but I can only imagine how many lives He touched through a simple, hidden ges­ture. His love is so intensely per­fect that it was pre­sent in every­thing He did. If I am called to be like Christ, then I must learn to pour all of my love into the smallest of ges­tures. In which case, it’s a good thing that I have 12 more months of learning here in Ecuador!

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