• May 27, 2015

Ukranian Beauty: Video

by Jennifer, Alumna Ukraine

"One of our friends, Katya (she is in this video), asked us once, "Do you ever feel like you should be spending more time in the nursing homes or the orphan­ages, rather than with people like us, like stu­dents or artists, or average people? The people in the nursing homes and the chil­dren in the orphan­ages “need” you so much more." I explained to her that at first, I did feel just that. There was a friend we often vis­ited with whom I saw no “tan­gible” needs and I won­dered why we spent so much time with her. Then when some­thing bad hap­pened in her family, she called Heart’s Home before anyone else. She wanted us. I ended up devel­oping a very close rela­tion­ship with her, she would ask me to spend a few nights with them at their house, or to run errands in town with her, or to watch her chil­dren while she went to the den­tist... She expressed to me that she had no close friends, that she doesn’t like living out­side the city because there’s not a social life. And our friend­ship was so deep! I real­ized that at first we don’t see the rea­sons for the rela­tion­ships we have. But always, always, God is nur­turing and preparing those rela­tion­ships for a reason. Usually for a reason we do not see, and some­times never see. Katya then explained that the reason she asked was because she real­ized that Heart’s Home’s door is always open, and that she “needs” Heart’s Home, that “many of us need Heart’s Home more than we realize.” When she wants to call someone to just talk or when she’s sick, she thinks of Heart’s Home. So in this video, yes, you will see old people, lonely people, orphans... But you will also see just people! The souls and friends that are just as big of a part of our mis­sion as the home­less, the orphans, the elderly. You will see all the friends, all the beauty, all the love of our mis­sion in Lviv."

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