• October 24, 2008

Training session

This year again we were able to hold two Orientation pro­grams for young Americans who are going on mis­sion with Heart’s Home. The first one was held in July and wel­comed Judy S. who is now vol­un­teering in the Philippines, Brooke B. who is cur­rently in Argentina, Michael B. who just arrived in Brazil and Hannah S. who was the first to leave for her mis­sion in Chile.

The second one took place in September and gath­ered Jessica K. who was the first to leave for Thailand, Michelle Ci. who is now in Peru and will soon be joined by Tim H., Maria V. who left for Honduras on October 15th and Monette M. who is now in Romania.

It is always an intense time for our Community here in Brooklyn and a real joy to meet in a deeper way the Missionaries before they leave for their mis­sion. It is amazing to see the diver­sity of them and how the Holy Spirit calls each one from all over the United States!

The Orientation Program is made up of talks about the three main pil­lars of our life: Prayer Life, Community Life and Compassion. Movies and Schools of Community are also part of the Training as well as cooking classes, cleaning times, games together in the park or on the beach. We also spent three days in the ICCC where all the mis­sion­aries felt right at home and enjoyed meeting our founder Father Thierry de Roucy. Altogether it is the intro­duc­tion to a very simple life made up of prayer, outreach in our neigh­bor­hoods, reflec­tion about the charism of Compassion, and a lot of joyful moments shared together. And finally it is about becoming friends and under­standing we are part of the same Family!

"About my training, I feel that it was the very best thing I could have done to pre­pare for my mis­sion. I was able to take time to pray and rest while learning all about the charism and lifestyle of Heart’s Home. I was able to take time to think about the com­mit­ment I was making and focus on why. I came away feeling much more ready." Maria V.

"For me, the training ses­sion in NY was my first chance to expe­ri­ence the life of a Heart’s Home mis­sionary. From morning prayer to evening prayer, I was able to share in the apos­to­lates and friend­ships of the com­mu­nity in Brooklyn. This helped deepen my under­standing of the Heart’s Home charism of com­pas­sion in addi­tion to the the lessons and writ­ings of Fr. Thierry. It also gave me the oppor­tu­nity to tran­si­tion from my old life as a soft­ware engi­neer to my new life as a Heart’s Home vol­un­teer. I now feel much more pre­pared and eagerly look for­ward to my mis­sion in Barrios Altos, Peru." Timothy H.

Judy, Michael, Brooke, Hannah and the community Tim, Maria, Michelle, Monette and Jessica
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