• November 25, 2009

Time of Despair, Time of Hope - Advent Talk

Empire State Building, New York.

Deacon Paul Anel, Art Director of Heart’s Home USA, will give two Advent talks on Dec. 3rd (in French, Westchester) and Dec. 4th (in English, Manhattan) on the theme “Time of Despair, Time of Hope”.

Our time is one of great despair - maybe like never before. Financial col­lapsing of our society, eco­log­ical threats upon the whole of humanity, and the con­tem­po­rary artistic empti­ness and anx­iety bear wit­ness to a pro­found feeling of inse­cu­rity. The future seems to have no promises left - just a dreadful wait for the next dis­aster. In that con­text, what good is the Christian Hope? Is Christmas any­thing else than a fairy tale, Hope any­thing more than a romantic - and abstract - get-away from reality? What true response the Christian Hope has to offer in answer to our desire for life, true life?

"We want life itself, true life, untouched even by death; yet at the same time we do not know the thing towards which we feel driven. We cannot stop reaching out for it, and yet we know that all we can expe­ri­ence or accom­plish is not what we yearn for. This unknown “thing” is the true “hope” which drives us, and at the same time the fact that it is unknown is the cause of all forms of despair and also of all efforts, whether pos­i­tive or destruc­tive, directed towards worldly authen­ticity and human authen­ticity." (Benedict XVI, Spe Salvi)

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