• August 19, 2014

“Through the Strenght of Jesus” -
Summer Orientation Program in New York

by Veronica R.

A spir­i­tual reflec­tion on the two-week Orientation Program held in our Brooklyn Center and the ICCC for our brand-new vol­un­teers.

After 2 weeks of ori­en­ta­tion in Brooklyn and upstate NY, I felt more pre­pared for my mis­sion trip in Peru, yet at the same time I was left with sev­eral over­whelming thoughts. The fol­lowing ques­tions were spin­ning through my head: “If I and my fellow ori­en­tees can become so close to the Heart’s Home family in just 2 weeks, how incred­ible will it be to live in com­mu­nity for 14 months, and how will we be able to say “good-bye” to them at the end? If we can expe­ri­ence so much suf­fering in our visits to houses, nursing homes and the women’s shelter, how will we handle a year’s worth of sim­ilar expe­ri­ences? If we are so tired after such a short time of this way of life, how will we find the energy to keep going for a whole year?"

In pon­dering all this, it didn’t take long to realize that while the ori­en­ta­tion pro­gram had raised all these ques­tions, it had also pro­vided the answer, which is the same for each ques­tion: “through the strength of Jesus Christ”. I had com­mitted to a mis­sion with Heart’s Home because Jesus had made it clear during my time with Him in ado­ra­tion that this was His will for me. Spending an hour with Him each day throughout the 2 weeks, while also attending mass and praying the rosary and the liturgy of the hours, con­firmed that call. Christ began to show me that He had not called us, each in our own way, to send us out to struggle on our own. He had called us to follow Him; He had called us to take His hand, a hand which He will never with­draw. It is true that on our own we could never find the strength or the per­se­ver­ance to keep on with our mis­sion of com­pas­sion and love, a mis­sion whose beauty was fur­ther revealed to us by the per­ma­nent mem­bers of Heart’s Home. It is also a reality that it will not be easy to “be­come like a child”, sur­rounded by the unfa­mil­iarity of our new coun­tries. Yet because we are going not to do our own work, but Christ’s work, and because He has already given us a per­fect example of love through His gift of the Eucharist, all that is left to us is to trust that He knows best and to humbly follow the lead of the Blessed Mother by saying: “Let it Be”.

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