• January 22, 2009

They shall encourage one another

Heart’s Home Italy, 2008 - Simon and Vicky, Libanon, 2005

The American people is endowed with some unknown virtues that fill us with awe and help us live the Heart’s Home charism. I am thinking of their capacity of encour­age­ment and wonder. In fact, if you tell someone about your pro­jects or dreams, if you have unusual ambi­tions, most Americans respond with a unprompted “Whoa!” If you dis­close your inten­tions – even the most orig­inal or sur­prising ones – you are launched into more ambi­tious pro­jects than those that were orig­i­nally yours: “It’s great, it’s amazing, won­derful! What can I do for you?” Encouragement is a kind of edu­ca­tion, an ele­ment of cul­ture that con­tributes to the devel­op­ment of society. There is hardly any pro­gress or hope without this mutual sup­port that helps us to over­come our fears, day after day.

The sick people do need this gaze, these ges­tures, these words - some­times much more effi­cient than any medicine - that tell them : “You are going to get better!” Those impris­oned do need these cer­ti­tudes they have lost: “Your life is mean­ingful! You need to keep strug­gling!” Our neigh­bors do need this pres­ence that empowers them to carry their daily burden... In those times of crisis and fear, we realize more than ever that we are part of this sick, dis­abled, inex­pe­ri­enced, weak people... Each one of us is looking for such encour­age­ment. They give our lives dynamism and grandeur, and they enable us to over­come our limits every day.

We need others, many others, to believe in what we are under­taking, from the sim­plest ges­ture – trying to cook a new recipe, the writing of a letter - to the most sub­lime action – the gift of one’s life in mar­riage or reli­gious con­se­cra­tion, the foun­da­tion of a new society, the adop­tion of a child…Such encour­age­ment are somehow the echoes of God’s very encour­age­ment in Jesus: “Go! Don’t be afraid! I am always by your side!”

Father Thierry De Roucy

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