• July 22, 2009

The Sacerdotal Molokai Fraternity

Rev. Guillaume & Rev. Laurent, Rome 2006.

The mem­bers of the Sacerdotal “Molokai” Fraternity live their priest­hood as a ser­vice to the voca­tion of the lay faithful to holi­ness and according to Heart’s Home charism of Compassion. The Society of Apostolic Life “Molokai” is gov­erned by its own statutes. It has been placed under the patronage of Father Damian de Veuster known as the Apostle of the lepers.

In 2010 the Society counts 28 mem­bers of sev­eral nation­al­i­ties.


The priests of the Fraternity “Molokai” will be called to ful­fill sev­eral dif­ferent mis­sions within the Organization Heart’s Home as well as at the ser­vice of other eccle­sial real­i­ties. Through their min­istry they will try to spread a cul­ture of Compassion throughout the world. They will also try to be at the ser­vice of all aspects of human life (family, cul­ture, work, pol­i­tics, health) so as to direct them con­stantly to Christ who is the One revealing fully humanity to itself (see Gaudium et Spes #22).

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Priests from the Molokai fraternity and Rev. Thierry de Roucy with Cardinal Ratzinger, 2003

They will con­stantly keep in mind that they are “use­less ser­vants” and there­fore avoid to get attached to a role or a func­tion to the detri­ment of the love for Christ and for the people. Gratuitousness and uncon­di­tional care for others are the core of their priestly mis­sion. "The mis­sionary’s atti­tude can’t be dif­ferent from the one of Christ: it is the one of Compassion". (Benedict XVI)

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