• January 29, 2010

The 2010 Staff & Volunteers

Tedy, a Heart’s Home volunteer in Colombia, 2005

The New Year brought a lot of changes in our Heart’s Home’s staff! Since January, two new interns joined the office : Raphaëlle and Albane. We are glad to wel­come them, and we want to thank Veronique for her 6-month inter­ship with Heart’s Home in Brooklyn. She went back to France on February 5.

The New Year is also a new year to vol­un­teer with Heart’s Home! In a few weeks, we are going to wel­come Juliana and Katie in Brooklyn for their ori­en­ta­tion pro­gram as they decided to go on a mis­sion with Heart’s Home USA. They will join Renée, Leeanne and many others and be part of the big Heart’s Home vol­un­teer team! They intro­duce them­selves and tell us how they felt called to this extraor­di­nary mis­sion....

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