• January 30, 2010

20 years - “Heart’s Home, a small seed story”

Our Lady of Compassion

Homily deliv­ered by Rev. Thierry de Roucy, on the 20th Anniversary of Heart’s Home’s Intuition Day - New York, January 4, 2010

It was a Thursday, on January 4th. This day was to be like any other day. I was at the monastery of Ourscamp, the mother house of the Congregation I used to belong to. In the morning I had been busy writing new year cards and answering many phone calls. Probably the lunch with the com­mu­nity was still affected by some kind of post-Christmas peace and  joy. Once the meal was over, we got our coats on and went out to pray the Rosary, walking in the park. While our pro­ces­sion passed by the ruins of the old abbey, we were praying the first joyful mys­tery, the Annunciation. Suddenly, as in a flash, I was given the grace to behold the Movement as it exists today. No extasis, no earthquake, no apoc­a­lyptic vision... Only a breath, a very sweet light... No words, but a silence full of a Presence...

It hap­pened in such a way that none of my fellow brothers, who were praying by my side, could ever have guessed any­thing spe­cial had hap­pened. Apparently nothing extraor­di­nary had hap­pened, yet this minute would turn my life upside down, and after me, the lives of so many...

Later that day, in the silence of my room, I felt the same as ever... and yet totally dif­ferent; as if I was the keeper of an incred­ible secret. God had just burst into my life, as he did when I heard him for the first time, calling me to con­se­crated life. I was not that wor­ried about « How it would hap­pen ». God, who was calling me cer­tainly had plans about how this call would become flesh. I was humbly offering myself. I just trusted.

From that day on, the monastery was like Nazareth to me. This event was to be under­stood in the light of the Annunciation. A modest place. Grace vis­iting me in such a hidden way. A poor human being, both sur­prised by this encounter and pre­pared to it, waiting to see what would happen. Called to play a part in the Mystery of Redemption. His trusting, self-offering in the hands of God. A sweet and pro­found hap­pi­ness...

This call is not to be con­fused with a kind of author­i­ta­tive com­mand­ment: « You have to do this ! You have to do that ! » It is not about a com­mand­ment, it is about a gift, it is about the new­ness of a Presence; it is about a small seed that had – and still has – to grow, pro­vided our freedom does not impeed Grace from watering it down... It is about a Word of Life respect­fully seeded in a human heart. A very moth­erly word, a word like Mary’s words, a word which I imme­di­ately received as a word of com­fort and com­pas­sion.

Once again, God wanted to man­i­fest His love to the lowliest of His brothers and sis­ters, to those who suffer, those who are lonely. Once again, he wanted to do so through our poor humanity, our clumsy words, and - more deeply - through the gift of our lives. He wanted to say: “I am here! Do not be afraid!”. He wanted to say: “Your suf­fering is not to be an obstacle to my pres­ence. Your lone­li­ness is not an obstacle to my com­pany. It is rather the manger in whose shadow I lie. With you I live. With you I hope...”

20 years! Since that January 4th of 1990, this word has been spread all over the world, this Presence has embraced so many people, the seed has grown up into a beau­tiful tree. Our sin cer­tainly has lim­ited the growth of Heart’s Home, but God, in his Mercy, did not allow it to dis­ap­pear. On the con­trary, he sup­ported its growth. The Immaculate, Mother and Queen of our humble family, has always been such an incred­ible and deeply moving com­pany all throughout our his­tory. She has kept looking after us, walking ahead of us, walking at our side... She has always been there to fix what we had broken, to com­pen­sate for our lack of ten­der­ness, to com­plete what­ever we had left unfin­ished. We are immensely grateful to her...

Today, the work ahead of us is not less than that of 20 years ago. It seems that humanity is sinking more and more into a deeper Passion. It’s our task and respon­si­bility to respond to that suf­fering with a more intense com­pas­sion!

May the Lord grant the mem­bers of Heart’s Home eyes to see, a heart to under­stand, feet to run toward those in need! May He grant us to be true Epiphanies of his loving Presence, for the com­fort and joy of many!

Rev. Thierry de Roucy

Heart’s Home’s his­tory, a few mile­stones...

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