• December 5, 2007

The Servants’ Spirituality


Following the Virgin Mary’s example, the Servants keep their hearts opened to God’s will and accept people and cir­cum­stances as they are. Granting atten­tion to the needs of the people and those of the country, as well as to the events that occur will enable them to truly serve the others.


Friendship is at the heart of their mis­sion. The Servants host all people and accept them as they are. They offer them a true friend­ship that will help them to love their life and to ful­fill their humanity.


They try to keep alive in their hearts the chil­dren’s amaze­ment in front of every­thing. They develop a gaze capable of seeing and revealing the inner Beauty of each one in every cir­cum­stance.


Their houses are meant to be “Bethany” for people who come to visit. In other words, places where people are hosted and accepted as they are, where they feel at home, and find someone who cares.

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