• May 21, 2009

Sending-forth mass

A Sending-forth mass in Argentina.

Before their de­­par­­ture on Mission, the future Missionary will or­­ga­nize and at­­tend a Send­ing-forth mass.

During this cel­e­bra­tion:

  • The Missionary is of­fi­cial­ly sent on­ Mission by a rep­re­sen­ta­tive of Heart’s Home. He or she com­mits to de­vote themself ful­ly to the Mission God gave him or her within a Heart’s Home community.
  • The Heart’s Home representative gives the Missionary a rosary underlining the importance of prayer to the Virgin Mary. A heart is engraved on the wooden cross of the rosary remind the Missonary the very essense of his or her life: “Be a Heart, nothing but an entire Heart” (Maurice Zundel).

The date and time of the Send­ing-forth mass is de­­cid­ed with the Missionary and the Heart’s Home staff during the prepa­ra­tion of their Mission.

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