• March 25, 2014

The Refreshing Presence
of Christ’s Favorite Ones

Philippines 2010

by Kaeli Joyce, Missionary in Spokane

“At Heart’s Home St. Ignatius it is a rare occa­sion for us to get to wel­come chil­dren. The rhythm of our lives is dic­tated largely by the rhythm of the lives of the stu­dents we serve at Gonzaga University and by the fact that many of us are stu­dents our­selves. All five of us abso­lutely love our stu­dent friends, and love living in such close prox­imity to the uni­ver­sity - but some­times we miss chil­dren. There are moments where we feel like we are missing out on this par­tic­ular aspect of Heart’s Home International’s heart.

And so, we were excited recently to be blessed with a beau­tiful encounter with four girls Amy has known since they were very small. All of them were willing to share about their fam­i­lies and friends, and their school­work and about past. Much of what they shared with us revealed the rough­ness of their family life, or dis­rup­tions they have had to their schooling because of family issues. We enjoyed talking with them and get­ting to know them better, and delighted in the refreshing of having chil­dren and youths to wel­come.

Baking cookies was the tool used to give the girls a specific pur­pose for an hour, and to encourage them to interact with each other. As they pro­duced some tasty dessert, it was clear that they received the friend­ship that we offered, and that rela­tion­ship was deep­ened among the girls as well. This was just a small taste of how the love of Christ com­pels - it is His work in us that calls us to reach out, and His love which opens the hearts of those we min­ister to each day. This time with the chil­dren was a reminder that in Christ fear is replaced with love, and iso­la­tion with com­mu­nity.”

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