• January 29, 2010

Orientation Program: The Beginning of a Life-long Journey

Michael, Judy, Hannah and Brooke (volunteers 2008) in Brooklyn

The Orientation Program is the next step after the Come and See weekend. Once someone has dis­cerned that he or she is called and ready to vol­un­teer with Heart’s Home, he or she is sched­uled for a two-week ori­en­ta­tion pro­gram, together with any other future vol­un­teer. During this time, they have the oppor­tu­nity to explore more in depth the Charism of Compassion and to learn about the demands and beauty of mis­sionary life.

This hap­pens through daily talks, work­shops and activ­i­ties led by dif­ferent Heart’s Home mem­bers, as well as through prayer, min­istry and the reading of inspiring lit­er­a­ture by spir­i­tual authors or the­olo­gians who have inspired Heart’s Home’s charism and mis­sion.

This two-week ori­en­ta­tion pro­gram is a much appre­ci­ated tran­si­tion for the vol­un­teers from their col­lege or working life into mis­sion life. Volunteers in for­ma­tion stay at the Heart’s Home in Brooklyn and share in the daily life of prayer, visits in the neigh­bor­hood and com­mu­nity life. It is there­fore a time to pre­pare for the mis­sion, both spir­i­tu­ally and prac­ti­cally!

Volunteers in for­ma­tion do not need any specific mate­rial, except for their per­sonal belong­ings, a note­book, and a Bible. Towels and sheets as well as mate­rial and spir­i­tual food (all written mate­rial) will be pro­vided!

So... "do not be afraid! Christ takes nothing away, and he gives you every­thing. When we give our­selves to him, we receive a hun­dred­fold in return." (Benedict XVI, Inauguration mass)

For further information: Contact Sister Regine

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