• May 10, 2018

The Mystery of Life

by Kelsey B., on mis­sion in Brazil

     With all of the move­ments over the years at the Fazenda, the Lord has gifted a few con­stant pres­ences, one being Roxana. Indeed it would be impos­sible to find a friend more con­stant than Roxana, she is the person who has lived the most time at the Fazenda–23 years! Roxana is a mys­tery. She was a Croatian model and artist who arrived in Brazil with her hus­band as a young adult before becoming ill with schizophrenia and ending up on the street. The Missionaries of Charity brought her to the Fazenda where she has been a part of the family for over two decades. With age, she becomes weaker and more per­turbed by the ill­ness. Yet, she con­tinues, and is faithful to her mis­sion here as a con­stant pres­ence of `Peace and Love´, as she fre­quently says. Her mis­sion is par­tic­u­larly man­i­fested in her caring for the Church —she rises early each morning to sweep the Church (it is a grace to pray at dawn alone with Jesus and Roxana in the Church) and spends the day entering and exiting the Church and other homes with her broom, cleaning the dust that con­stantly enters, seeking com­pany in her lone­li­ness and con­fu­sion. The sweeping of her broom is her con­stant prayer, puri­fying her in her suf­fering, illu­mi­nating her face with joy. Her other mis­sions are loving the chil­dren (she always asks about them when they aren’t at the Fazenda) and going from home to home asking for a cup of coffee. It is some­times hard to under­stand what Roxana means when she speaks, but her piercing gaze and warm smile com­mu­ni­cate her love.

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