• August 11, 2018

The Mystery of Joy

by Nhi, on mis­sion in the US

     I would like to share with you about one of our friends whose joy revealed to me the gift of life. She lives alone in a very small, base­ment apart­ment in Manhattan. One after­noon, I was talking to her on the phone. She told me that her birthday would be the next week and that, this year, it falls on Mother’s day. She said, “I do not want to do some­thing big, but I would love to cel­e­brate my birthday with you all.” Cecile and I went to pick her up at her apart­ment. Then we went to Sunday Mass together at the Cathedral. On the way to church she kept singing and praising God. It was kind of funny because she changed the lyrics of the songs into her own lyrics, and still, it worked well. I was deeply moved by her at church. Her joy spreads to others. She greeted almost everyone. I did not know she knew so many people in that parish. When I told her friends that it was her birthday that very day, they were hap­pily saying, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to her. After, she came to our house for lunch. Laura had baked a cake for her. She was happy and deeply grateful to God. For me, her joy comes from God and spreads itself to who­ever hap­pens to be around. The feast was pre­pared for her, but each one of us received such a gift of joy through her. For me it was amazing to see how we are a gift to each other.

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