• April 17, 2012

Grand Opening: A Game Room at the ICCC

by Sister Blandine Paponaud

After the laying of the foun­da­tions during autumn 2011 and after sev­eral months of hard work, the con­struc­tion of the Game Room at the ICCC has come to its com­ple­tion. The inau­gu­ra­tion took place on Palm Sunday. The pro­ces­sion with branches, instead of heading towards our little chapel located on the third floor of the house, headed towards the Game Room, trans­formed into a chapel for the occa­sion. It was great to cel­e­brate the Lord’s Passion there. We were glad to have plenty of space to wel­come two fam­i­lies and their chil­dren who joined us for the grand event.

This new space will enable us not only to cel­e­brate the Eucharist with many more people than in our in-house-chapel but also to wel­come more people for meals, lec­tures, encoun­ters and con­certs. Our young neighbor, com­poser and musi­cian, Cush Aaron Solberg, is eagerly ready to orga­nize a con­cert and has already come to test the acous­tics.

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