• April 28, 2015

The Father will give you another Consoler

Demchuk Ivanka - Holy Trinity
(Board, levkas, egg tempera,
30x40, 2014)
Copyright Iconart Gallery, Lviv

Adrienne von Speyr - Commentary on the Gospel of St John

Jn 14, 16. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Consoler, that he may be with you always.

“The Holy Spirit is always the one who excites and vital­izes; he is the thrilling one, the very oppo­site of all ennui, the enemy of all spir­i­tual death. He expands, he lib­er­ates, he blows where he will.

He under­stands how to make Christian needs out of all the nat­ural and legit­i­mate needs of the human person. He also under­stands how to form, out of each human sit­u­a­tion that threatens to come to a dead end some­thing with a new begin­ning, some­thing mean­ingful and living in God. Through him every­thing becomes fruitful.

He is the Consoler, the Counselor. The very point at which some­thing seems humanly futile is his point of depar­ture. The Lord has set us the task of keeping his com­mand­ments out of love for him, and he gives us the Consoler so that we may not despair at the impos­si­bility of this com­mand­ment.

The Consoler is always there to mediate the living rela­tion­ship between us and the Lord; to mend it where it appears broken by sin and incon­stancy; where it is alive, to render it even more vibrant.

The Spirit’s con­so­la­tion is that every­thing can still be con­tained in this one-time life. This puny human life can be so rich that God’s infinity has room in it. That is the con­so­la­tion, and it suf­fices.”

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