• December 18, 2012

A New Enriching Friendship for our Spokane Team

By Mackenzie Karn

"What God wants is that we let our hearts be burnt by His heart.
What the poor want is that our heart accepts to beat together with their hearts." - Fr Thierry de Roucy -

This month, the Spokane Heart’s Home began a friend­ship with another home in our neigh­bor­hood called L’Arche, or The Ark. The people living in this home are those with and without intel­lec­tual dis­abil­i­ties, living, working, playing, and praying together. As a com­mu­nity, we have joined them for meals and movie watching, which more often than not, ends up being an oppor­tu­nity for con­ver­sa­tion and laughter, usu­ally staying much later than orig­i­nally planned. As our friend­ship pro­gresses with L’Arche, we as a Heart’s Home com­mu­nity feel that our charism of com­pas­sion is growing with each visit.

Our encoun­ters with the people living at L’Arche always begin and end with one very spe­cial encounter: a hug. When we enter their home, or they enter ours, there is about 5 min­utes spent of every one hug­ging, some­times more than once. There is so much love in this simple sign. So much com­pas­sion in a simple moment, it sets the tone for the rest of the time spent together.

The blessing of their pres­ence is one that we are excited to pro­gress in. Our daily lives can be so stressful, espe­cially now as finals approach as quickly as the hol­i­days do. But having the love of L’Arche only a block away, where our world seems to be put on hold and we live totally in the pre­sent with one another, is a calming reas­sur­ance of our mis­sion of com­pas­sion. Two small groups of people, coming together in love, sharing our thanks around a dinner table, hug­ging at a doorway, smiling and laughing until your face hurts, looking into the eyes of someone get­ting through their pain, these are the moments that our hearts burn. These are the moments that our hearts begin to beat as one.

Prayers and Blessings from Spokane! And Merry Christmas!!

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