• May 30, 2018

The Dance of Life

by Shannon B., on mis­sion in Japan

     Hemi Chan’s family immi­grated from Japan to Peru and has now returned to Japan. We fre­quently see her when we go to gath­er­ings for our Spanish-speaking friends. Once Sylvie and I attended a Christmas party for the Spanish-speaking com­mu­nity. There was a lot of dancing that night. Hemi Chan, being a teenager, was def­i­nitely embar­rassed at first to dance around other people, but with our urging she joined our Salsa circle and was soon laughing and enjoying her­self like the rest of us. She was the person I could con­nect with best at this party because of her ability to speak English. English is her favorite class, and she is so happy to tell us when she aces English tests! Since she also knows some Spanish, our con­ver­sa­tions are a mix of Japanese, Spanish, and English. After spending time with us she even told her mother that she would like to become a mis­sionary too. As of late though, we have received word that Hemi Chan is not well. She has spoken to her par­ents twice about sui­cide and tells them that her life does not matter. We are not sure what is going on in her heart, but often times at school, kids from fam­i­lies that are dif­ferent from tra­di­tional Japanese fam­i­lies are bul­lied badly. Please pray that we can bring joy and hope to her, that bul­lying and iso­la­tion of those that are dif­ferent will end, and that Hemi Chan will know how deeply she is loved and how much she mat­ters to her family, her friends, and our com­mu­nity at Kokoro No Minato (Heart’s Home).

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