• December 20, 2012

The Christmas Farm: a Twenty-year Experience of Being Reborn!

On December 8th the Heart’s Home vil­lage in Brazil cel­e­brated its 20th anniver­sary!

The "Fazenda do Natal" (Christmas Farm) was founded on December 8, 1992 by Heart’s Home founder Rev. Thierry of Roucy. It is sit­u­ated 40 km. from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

This Heart’s Home vil­lage offers each child and each family who are wel­comed human, family and social per­spec­tives which are healthier than those of the deprived neigh­bor­hoods they live in, sur­rounded by vio­lence, drugs, pros­ti­tu­tion; We pro­pose them, instead, a more bal­anced life: a life of shared prayer, work and edu­ca­tion, where Love is the true prin­ciple of growth, and of the common desire to be reborn.

Visit the 20th anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tion’s Picture Gallery

Watch the “Anniversary Video” dis­playing mem­o­ries of all these 20 years of Presence among our Brazilian friends!

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