• February 13, 2013

That They May All Be One

The HH Team with Blase Cupich, Bishop of Spokane

By Amy Koreski, Heart’s Home Spokane, WA

"There has been a defini­tive theme to my mis­sion with Heart’s Home, and to this year espe­cially. That theme is unity. When I was doing my first mis­sion in Honduras I became con­cerned with ecu­menism. My spir­i­tual director, Padre Jose, a Heart’s Home priest, told me that our response to ecu­menism is the same response we have to any bro­ken­ness- friend­ship. We are friends with everyone, freely, without any litmus test of faith. This year I have been blessed with deep friend­ships of dif­ferent faith back­grounds. My heart has broken as it par­tic­i­pates in the bro­ken­ness that still exists in the Church. My heart has been filled by par­tic­i­pating in the unity of Christ, who loves us freely and com­pletely.

When our stu­dent Heart’s Home began we all assumed most of our mis­sion would be with the stu­dents. The Holy Spirit has sur­prised us with a diver­sity of friends that we could not have dreamed about. Our friends come from all kinds of back­grounds and classes. We have intel­lec­tual stu­dent friends and we have our dear friends at L’Arche who have intel­lec­tual “dis­abil­i­ties.” We have single people and fam­i­lies, friends we would have chosen and others who were chosen for us, we have Catholics, protes­tants, and athe­ists all searching for the same unity that we strive to live in our home. I am always impressed that at Heart’s Home "under one roof are living together black, white or Asian people; you might be engi­neers or no good at any­thing –as your teachers kept telling you- you can be repub­li­cans or democrats, you can be pas­sionate or phleg­matic…What a beau­tiful diver­sity that I hope will always keep growing!...Prayer sim­pli­fies our hearts." (Father Thierry de Roucy- ’At the Kindergarten of Love’)

When, all sharing the same meal, I wit­ness a col­lege stu­dent col­oring with a small child, a very poor woman laughing with my sister of com­mu­nity, a member of the L’Arche com­mu­nity giving bunny ears to a friend who isn’t so sure yet if God is real, and a mom relaxing from a meal she didn’t have to cook, I know that I am wit­nessing the unity of the body of Christ."

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