• December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving at Heart’s Home

Louise, Cheryl, Paola and sr Regine at the Thanksgiving dinner - Brooklyn, 2010

Heart’s Home USA has hosted Thanksgiving dinner at its Brooklyn center each of the past three years. Cheryl M., a dear friend of the orga­ni­za­tion, was one of this year’s atten­dees.

“This year my hus­band Adam and I, along with our spe­cial friend Margaret, spent Thanksgiving with the won­derful people of Heart’s Home. About 40 people gath­ered around the tables to pray, sing, reflect on what we were thankful for, eat and have fun!

Some of the guests were from the pro­jects sur­rounding the church and also from the nearby Women’s Shelter where the mis­sion­aries visit each week. As always with Heart’s Home, there was a pro­found feeling of God’s love, joy, and com­plete accep­tance and inclu­sion of everyone pre­sent.

What touched me the most how­ever, was the per­sonal expe­ri­ence of my friend Margaret. Margaret is a senior without any family in New York, and has spent her entire life alone and cut off from others, spending hol­i­days by her­self with take-out Chinese food. But at Heart’s Home she became alive, filled with the bliss, love and light-hearted fun sur­rounding her.

After dinner we were divided into groups, and she jumped up to rep­re­sent her team in playing a word game. She helped write the team song and led an enthu­si­astic per­for­mance. At the end of the evening Margaret repeated over and over how nice everyone was and how this was her best Thanksgiving ever! Seeing our Blessed Mother’s com­pas­sion com­pletely wrapped around my friend through the arms of Heart’s Home made this my best Thanksgiving ever.”

Cheryl M.

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