• December 20, 2012

Thank you, Marian!

After a four­teen-month mis­sion, Marian West, is now being “sent into the world to spread the Good News of Compassion” by her com­mu­nity and friends in Brooklyn. Enjoy this beau­tiful poem she wrote as a way of giving thanks to those who where given her by the Lord during her min­istry.

Thank you for being my mas­ters of love,
Thank you for pointing my eyes to above,
Thank you for opening wide your door
to wel­come us in, all your heart out­poured.
Thank you for praying not “Why me?” but “Take me!”
Thank you for pro­claiming “I live for Him who made me!”

You are the Face and the Heart of Christ;
You bring back the smile and make sense of life;
You teach us to stand in hope near the Cross,
You’re the hun­dred­fold trea­sure – the rest I count as loss.

From the Heart’s Home Family I received you gra­tu­itously;
Now our friend­ship lives on through my com­pas­sionate com­mu­nity.
I’ve been yours for a time and yours I’ll always be:
Our visits now, will be in the Heart of Mother Mary!

“Each encounter is a mir­acle”
Each friend­ship pure gift,
In hidden won­ders & trea­sures – in YOU- He’s made me rich!
Thank you, God bless you, See you in the Manger and the Eucharist.

Thank you, Marian, for the gift of yourself!

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