• December 5, 2007

Mission in Honduras (testimony of a volunteer)

Ed in Honduras, 2008.

I would like to tell you some of the good that is being done here thanks to your gen­erosity and prayers.

To start, let me intro­duce Lesandro, a 15-year-old boy who is men­tally retarded and has been bed ridden for a year. The best way to describe his body is to think of the old pic­tures from Ethiopia . He is lit­er­ally only skin and bones and the only words I have heard from his lips are “Agua” and “Lele”, his name. He has lit­er­ally eaten a hole in his bed and lives inside of it. He is con­stantly soaked wet and suf­fers tremen­dously. Last year his femur was broken and he never went to the doctor to get it fixed. He has finally been brought to the doctor and we are get­ting him to therapy three times a week. By now, he is granted the med’s atten­tion he so des­per­ately needed.

There is also an extremely poor family we often visit that lives very close. During one of our visits, one of the six chil­dren was crying the whole time. His mother explained us that he was hungry. A little girl came in with what looked like apple cider we asked her where she had found it and she replied from the drainage ditch out back. I felt like taking each of those kids with me. Truly heart­breaking. The next day we had all of them come to the Heart’s Home and we brought them to Mother Teresa’s sis­ters of charity where they received enough food for the month.

Ed A.
a Heart’s Home missionary in Honduras

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