• March 18, 2009

Hearts Home, a fruitful work of charity, by Cardinal Karlic (Argentina).

The cardinal with Heart’s Home members, Rome 2007.

Here are some extracts from the speech Cardinal Karlic gave on good Thursday 2000.

“In my pas­toral expe­ri­ence, over the years since Heart’s Home set­tled in the Archdiocese and given the Missionary expan­sion it has had in sev­eral places, I can say that this orga­ni­za­tion does a fruitful work of charity and that its mem­bers do much good.”

"Missionaries for sure but suf­fering Missionaries, Missionaries that feel com­pas­sion towards Christ just as the Virgin Mary does or even the Church when it acts in truth. One cannot be a Missionary if not ready to dye. The Mission demands the Missionary to accept to be fully sent, to dye for the other and to take part in God’s glory. I am per­son­ally deeply impressed by this entire gift. If we do not give our­selves fully, we cannot be part of God’s glory and this applies in each of our daily activ­i­ties: cooking, cleaning the streets, cel­e­brating mass or leaving to far­away coun­tries. It seems impor­tant to me to state: you must feel com­pas­sion. Here lies the beauty of Rev. Thierry de Roucy’s work, one must feel com­pas­sion with Christ, one must enter in the Passion of Jesus and expe­ri­ence in turn com­pas­sion.

I pray so that we all be able to become Missionaries, being aware that it can only be done by com­pas­sion in union with Christ and by com­pas­sion towards the poor. That is the only way to be a Missionary.

To con­clude, be a Missionary can only be led in com­mu­nion with Jesus, in com­mu­nion with the Virgin Mary. Thus, we can be sure of our suc­cess, sure that God will help us and grant us his Grace and Love, sure that we are improving the History, sure that we are on the path to Glory, and accord­ingly, we are sure to live in Hope and Joy. One obtains joy if one knows how to give one­self fully. For the greatest joy is Glory and Glory is always the res­ur­rec­tion from the dead. It is only by death that we will reach Glory and joy. Hence, we will spread the word and tell our friends not only «be hopeful and Glory will come» but also «here is the Glory». Where is God’s Glory? Where a human being lives according to God’s will.

Saint Irenee from Lyon said: “for the Glory of God is a living man”. God’s glory cor­re­sponds to the life you lead, loving poor just as Jesus loved them, loving the chil­dren, loving them until death. As long as you have not asked God the grace to give your­self until death, you have not given your­self entirely.

Thus, live in hap­pi­ness, teach one another to live in hope, wherever you are sent. Hope is not only for tough moments that some of us expe­ri­ence or believe they do in Argentina or some­where else in the world. Hope is just a neces­sity."

Estanislao Esteban Cardinal Karlic,
former Archbishop of Parana (Argentina).

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