• December 5, 2007

Heart’s Home village in Brazil (testimony of Amelie)

The Fazenda in Brazil, 2005

"The Fazenda is a vil­lage of forty inhab­i­tants, the youngest one is about to cel­e­brate his first month of life. The “farm” is com­posed of a dozen houses, in the middle of the forest. The orga­ni­za­tion of this little world is aston­ishing.

Everyone fills a role to con­tribute to the life of the vil­lage: wood-cutter, cook, repairman, farmer, artist, and baker.

Heart’s Home Missionaries come from Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Argentina, Senegal, and France. There is also a priest, Padre Arnaud, who is the leader of the vil­lage. We all share the life of the fam­i­lies, adults and chil­dren in need. The Fazenda has the mis­sion to wel­come any people in great dis­tress. The length of their stay depends on the time needed for each indi­vidual to rebuild their life.

Everyone is loved and befriended in a healthy and simple envi­ron­ment, which helps to heal their body and above all their hearts. Each person wel­comed to the Fazenda has a his­tory full of suf­fering and pain. I will intro­duce you to my new friends as I con­tinue to write my let­ters."

Amelie D.
Heart’s Home Missionary at the Fazenda, Brazil

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