• December 5, 2007

Mission in Brazil (testimony of a volunteer)

Victoria, Brenda and Pamela - Fazenda do Natal, Brazil 2005.

Every Tuesday morning, I visit the chil­dren at the orphanage of the neigh­boring vil­lage, Simões Filho, with Carmen, a Heart’s Home mis­sionary from Ecuador .

The more I go, the more I like it but each time it is hard! Dozens of little boys (from four to eleven years old) without father, nor mother, nor uncle, nor aunt, nor grand­mother. Who can love them and take care of them? These chil­dren hardly count as people; they have no value in the eyes of men. These chil­dren learn to sur­vive without kisses or cud­dles, to take care of them­selves, to defend them­selves. They trans­form a bottle-cap and a bit of string into a game. They arrive at the orphanage in an inhuman state...

There, the mis­sion of Heart’s Home is to love. Love means spending time with others, lis­tening, playing, taking them into our arms, drying their tears. Showing them they are valu­able. But it is dif­fi­cult since there are so numerous. Some of them are vio­lent and abide by the law of the strongest. Love means granting more atten­tion to the smallest, the most fragile. Love means devel­oping a “suf­fering detector” to go where the trigger is set and show that someone cares. Finally, it means becoming the pres­ence that makes the suf­fering more bear­able.

Little by little, visit after visit, the friend­ships start to blossom, we want to orga­nize some out­ings with some of them. A weekend for them to go out of their gray and closed envi­ron­ment, a place where they can play with other chil­dren in freedom in the nature, and they will laugh.

Amelie D.
A Heart’s Home missionary in Brazil

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