• May 12, 2011

Heart’s Home’s new blog/magazine
“Terre de Compassion”

Well aware of the need to spread the charisma and expe­ri­ence of Heart’s Home, we now have a blog / magazine: Terre de Compassion – “Land of Compassion”

The reg­ular arti­cles and reflec­tions – whether they are about cul­ture, pol­i­tics, eco­nomics or science – seek to approach the world in a dif­ferent way... with eyes of mercy and love... looking for good news, beauty and signs of hope in our strug­gling world!

You will find videos, images, pod­casts and sug­ges­tions for reading. You can com­ment on the blog, sub­scribe to the newsletter, and follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

It is our goal that the English ver­sion, “Land of Compassion,” will be avail­able by the end of this year. Join us in this adven­ture! If you are pro­fi­cient in the French lan­guage and would like to help us trans­late arti­cles into English, or are willing to con­tribute by writing arti­cles in English, please con­tact us.

Father Gonzague Leroux

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