• March 14, 2013

Ten Years: Full of Compassion,
Filled with Gratitude!

By Laetitia Palluat de Besset, President of Heart’s Home USA

In 2003, with a single com­mu­nity house in the Bronx, the American branch of Heart’s Home was launched. Ten years later, we are in awe at all the accom­plish­ments of Heart’s Home USA.

Today, Heart’s Home USA serves 400 people in New York, recruits and trains ten to fif­teen young Americans to go abroad in mis­sion every year, offers a warm Catholic home for the stu­dents of Gonzaga University, sus­tains the life of 5 vol­un­teers in Chile, wel­comes more than 320 people per year for retreats, sem­i­nars and other events at the ICCC, and shares with count­less people the light of its charism of com­pas­sion.

All this has been pos­sible thanks to the efforts of many vol­un­teers who have ded­i­cated their time and strength to spread the word about Heart’s Home, to listen, con­sole and be pre­sent one-on-one to all those in need of accom­pa­ni­ment in the face of the chal­lenges of their lives.

It is also the fruit of the sup­port of many friends. And today, I would like to thank in a very spe­cial way all those who have been part of this amazing work.

I want to men­tion first Rev. Thierry de Roucy, Founder of Heart’s Home, whose audacity and trust always push us fur­ther.

Aude H., who started Heart’s Home USA in New York with great courage. Serving as President of the Board and Executive Director for five years, she did an amazing job of building up strong foun­da­tions and giving a vig­orous energy to the orga­ni­za­tion.

All the first Board Members: who trusted us enough to join in this adven­ture and sup­port us in the early years: Patrick Baugier, Guillaume Bébéar, Pierre Bonnefil and Alexis Cazé: all their faithful help and sup­port were cru­cial in our devel­op­ment.

The late Fr. Sepp, who opened wide the doors of his parish in the Bronx, as well as Fr. Joseph Franco, who has sup­ported us from the start. Next, Bishop Caggiano and Msgr John Strynkowski have gen­er­ously wel­comed us in Brooklyn and assisted us in our mis­sion.

Edward Adams, the first American who went on mis­sion abroad and opened the road for many. Up to now, 60 have signed up for a year-long mis­sion abroad. We are so grateful for their gift of them­selves, for all the lives they have changed through their love and prayer.

Amy Koreski, for her amazing sense of belonging to our spir­i­tual family and for the way she dared to be a fore­runner in the States. She was the first one to enter the American branch of the Fraternity Maximilian Kolbe and to launch the first Heart’s Home on a col­lege campus.

Catherine Kustusch, today novice with the Servants of God’s Presence, the first American to decide to become a con­se­crated member within our spir­i­tual family.

All the vol­un­teers and interns who came here. Among them, Segolene Bellat has played a major role. For three years, she did not spare her efforts to develop the orga­ni­za­tion.

Finally, there are many today who have been such faithful bene­fac­tors, sup­porters, friends! You are so many who open your doors and your hearts to the good news we want to bring. We are very grateful. With you, we want to con­tinue the adven­ture, to mul­tiply the Heart’s Home cen­ters in the States and to wit­ness many more lives being changed!

Thank you!

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