• August 14, 2018

“Tell me another Mystery”

by sr Katie K., on mis­sion in Brazil

     One of my great joys these past few weeks has been watching each of the kids blossom as they pray with us. The high­light of the day is “going to church” (Morning and Evening Prayer, Adoration, Mass) in our chapel. It is as simple as going up the hill, but making sure that everyone is dressed and ready to go seems to be a her­culean feat most days. The other day, we had a few min­utes before Evening Prayer, so I sat out­side with Monica in front of a statue of Our Lady of Aparecida (the patroness of Brazil). By the light of the candle burning there, we said a Hail Mary, then another, and Monica piped up with “the first mys­tery is…” and looked up at me for the rest of the phrase. So I said “the Annunciation” and she said: “What’s that?” So I told her the story of how the Angel Gabriel asked Mary if she wanted to be God’s Mom, and Monica’s eyes got really big as she soaked in the grandeur of Mary’s yes. Then she said: “Tell me another mys­tery of Jesus” and I told her how God became a baby and was born in a stable. We got so caught up in the story that we were late for Evening Prayer! With her sim­plicity, she is bringing me to the heart of the mys­tery, and the heart of our mis­sion: to bring each and every person to Jesus, by dis­cov­ering that they are infinitely loved.

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