• March 6, 2017

Te puedo ayudar? (Can I help you?)

by Natalia C. - on mis­sion in Argentina

Something I really love about mis­sion is playing with the kids! They con­tin­u­ously remind me to focus on what truly mat­ters in life: to exist in this reality and in this place, this place that is so dif­ferent and unique to any­thing I have ever expe­ri­enced before. On my days of per­ma­nency (which is the day that I stay at home with the kids and cook for the com­mu­nity), I’m always so sur­prised and impressed by the gen­erosity of the chil­dren…they really love to help! Every single day at least 1 child will ask “te puedo ayudar?” (can I help you?).

Usually the chil­dren are a big help and I like to cook with them. However, some­times they can com­pli­cate things…some­times it’s dif­fi­cult for me to let them do things when I know I could prob­ably do the same thing faster and per­haps even better than they could. This is a beau­tiful lesson for me, it reminds me of the rela­tion­ship that God has with us. God asks us to help Him when He calls us to some­thing; He asks “help Me” in the simple way of spreading the good news of His love and of His Gospel. Now I def­i­nitely know God could do these things without my help…not to men­tion that He could do them infinitely better than I could ever hope to. Knowing this, why does He desire me to help? I think it’s for the same reason I desire the chil­dren to help me, not only do I enjoy spending time with them, but I know that in some mys­te­rious way, it’s good for them. Not only do they learn prac­tical things about house­keeping or cooking, but through their par­tic­i­pa­tion, they learn about a new and unique way to live and take care of a family, some­thing that many of them will not expe­ri­ence else­where. It opens them up to love, growth, and ser­vice. I know when God calls me to some­thing its main goal is always love. In the most inti­mate core of any calling from God is to “love and be loved”. This is what spending time with the kids is all about.

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