• July 25, 2017

Summer: A Time to Go Deeper

by Sr Blandine Paponaud

Summer time often comes with rest, refresh­ment, renewal: it is vaca­tion time! So some of us are busy plan­ning amazing vaca­tions full of activ­i­ties, while some are looking into doing, while nothing extrav­a­gant, some­thing a little dif­ferent than usual. Others are dreaming of their trip to the other side of the world, while some are just holding on to life, knowing they will not be going any­where. In other words, it looks like every one of us is get­ting some extra time and won­dering what to do with it! One of our options you will rarely find adver­tised or talked about because it doesn’t involve money or power: What if we use this extra time to go deeper? To go deeper into the center of being, of exis­tence.

What if instead of get­ting busy we take time?

Of course the first thing that comes to my mind is to take some time to pray. But it is not the only way to enter more deeply into the rich­ness of life. It is also...

Taking the time to see: Why don’t we just stop some­time and look at the beauty of the world and give thanks for it? As the world seems to be get­ting cra­zier, full of vio­lence, danger, and despair, isn’t this stop­ping to see the beauty what we most need?

Taking the time to listen: What if we take time to listen to a beau­tiful piece of music? There are indeed some amazing con­tem­po­rary com­posers that “take us to heaven” – two of my favorites are Arvo Pärt and Karl Jenkins.

Taking the time to be in awe: What if we take time to enter into the won­der­land of a poet? Emily Dickinson, Rainer Maria Rilke, Charles Peguy and so many others who are eager to take us into their dis­cov­eries of life.

Taking the time to see deeper: What if we take time to enter into the work of a chore­og­ra­pher or a painter? There are so many other artists who have indeed taken time in their lives, and thus offer us a “short cut” to look deeper, to see beyond.

We always seem to think all of this involves too much money, but I don’t mean we should spend alot of money to go to the­aters, con­cert halls and museums. I mean we should have the courage to stop and look. Maybe, just to get some mate­rial at the library which can be no fur­ther than the corner of the street. This little walk, might well take us fur­ther than we thought... Will we dare to get on board?

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